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Kick Boxing Coaching Baroda
Kick Boxing Coaching Baroda
Kick Boxing Coaching Baroda
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Sensei Jesal Patel (Chief Instructor & Technical Director, India)

Sensei - Jesal Patel Sensei Jesal Patel Started Karate Training when he was of Just 16 years Young around in 1981 – 82 Under  Pradyuman Sinh J. Barot.  He started training in Shotokan Karate Style.  Under this Style he has achieved Green Belt in 1985.  There after  Sensei Pradyuman Barot has taken affiliation From  Sensei Lal Darda came from Jaipur for Spreading Oikiriryu Karate Style.  In April 1985  Sensei lal Darda has organized an Baroda District Full Contact Karate Championship in Which from throughout Baroda only 58 Students have participated, because at that time karate was not much popular and only Three Classes were there in Baroda, in this Championship  Jesal Patel has won Bronze Medal.

In 1985, in Dahod, Panchmahal District Full Contact Karate Championship was organized, in which there was no weight category, and there was only one category that is Open Category.  In this championship there was 48 total participants out of all Jesal Patel has won Gold medal in Open Weight Category.

In 1986, 4 State Karate Championship was organized at Jaipur in Which Jesal Patel has participated in Category 51 to 55 Kg and won Silver Medal. 

In 1987 in Dahod, Gujarat Full contact Karate Championship was organized in Which  Jesal Patel has won First prize in 51 to 55 kg weight category. In the Same Year  Jesal Patel was awarded Black belt also.

In February 1988 All India Karate Championship was organized at Jaipur in which Jesal Patel  has participated in 51 to 55 Kg and won gold medal.  Thereafter in August he has started teaching Karate.  While In the Same year in November All India Full Contact Karate Championship was organized at Agra in Which Jesal has won Special Prize.

On 18th February 1989 By Taking Permission of his  Sensei Pradyumansinh Barot, he Started training in Kan-Zen-Ryu Karate do for learning more Advance Techniques under  Sensei Naser Agh.  While Learning Kan-Zen-Ryu Karate do Sensei Naser told Jesal Patel to remove his Black Belt and wear White Belt while undergoing the Training.


In June 1989 All Gujarat Taekwondo Championship was organized at Ahmadabad in Which Jesal Patel won Third Prize in 56 to 60 kg weight category.

In 1990 Gujarat Championship was organized by  Sensei Naser Agh  at Bal Bhavan, Karelibaug, Baroda in which Jesal Patel has won Silver Medal in Kata Championship.

In 1991 Jesal Patel Achieved Black Belt under  Sensei Naser Agh in Kan-Zen-Ryu Karatedo Style.
In 1992 Iran V/s India Goodwill Karate Championship was organized by  Sensei Naser at Bal Bhavan, Baroda in Which the National Team of India and National Team of Iran has participated.  In which Jesal Patel has won Third Prize by participating in his respective category. 
While in the Same Year in April 1992  Naser Agh has returned to his Country Iran by giving the Handling of Association to Jesal Patel.
In 1997  Sensei Naser Agh has visited India,  during his visit there was 15 Days Black Belt 1st Degree & 2nd Degree Training camp was organized in which Mahendra Makwana, Shailesh Panchal & Mitesh Bhatt has achieved Brown Belt where as Mahesh Jadhav, Mayur Luhar and Mohammad Latif has achieve Black Belt 1st Degree, while Mustafa Bharmal, Altaf Mansuri, Nikhil Raj and Jesal Patel has achieved 2nd Degree Black belt. Thereafter the students of Kan-Zen-Ryu Karate do have won many medals at district, state and national level and make their name pride.


In 2005 for further Training Sensei Jesal Patel has visited Iran, where he trained for 15 Days and achieved Black Belt 3rd Degree.  This Exam was conducted by  Sensei Akbar Behrami (Technical Committee Member) &  Sensei Salimi (President).
In 2005 January, Jesal Patel has started training in Kobudo under Kalpesh Makwana in Bharuch, Gujarat & in 2006 he participated in All India Kobudo Championship held at Chennai in which he won 2nd Prize and achieved Black Belt in Kobudo.

In 2007 All India Karate do Federation has approved Kan-Zen-Ryu Karate-Do as one of the Style in India.

Recently in Bharuch Gujarat Gitokukai Karate Championship was organized by Gitokukai Karate do association in Bharuch, Gujarat in which 380 Participants from all over Gujarat has participated, in which from Kan-zen-ryu Karate do the Students have won 35 Medals in only Kumite Categories.

In Vadodara the Instructors of Kan-Zen-Ryu Karatedo are Mahesh Jadhav, Mahendra Makwana, Balmukund Rupakheti  & Siddharth Bhalegare are imparting training in different places.

Martial Arts Qualification :

  1. Black Belt 1st Degree in Oikiriryu Karate
  2. Black Belt 4th Degree in Kan-Zen-Ryu Karatedo (Iran)
  3. Black Belt 1st Degree in Matayoshi Kobudo.

Achievements :

effective martial art3rd in International Karate Championship in 1992.
fatal injuries2nd in All Gujarat Open Kata Championship in 1990.
especially fast kicks2nd in All Gujarat Open Karate Championship in 1989.
windy monkey1st in All India Open Karate Championship in 1988.
buffalo punch1st in All India Open Karate Championship in 1987.
straight punches2nd in Inter-State Open Karate Championship in 1986.
punches and hooks1st in Panchmahal District Karate Championship in 1986.
knee strikes3rd in All Baroda Open Karate Championship in 1985.
elbow and knee strikes2nd in All India Kobudo Championship in 2006.
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