Sensei Varasteh, in order to remove all such limitatios, created Kan-Zen-Ryu the perfect style of Karate, a style without limitations in Kan-Zen-Ryu, hand and leg techniques are used equally and usually in combinations. Body shifts continuously from soft to hard and ahard to soft in nature. Equal importance is given to attacks and counter attacks in any situation and maximum attention is paid to bring about complete co-ordination between techniques in basic form and their modified applicative forms in an actual combat.

Through guidance and instructions of Sensei Varasteh, Kan-Zen-Ryu practitioners won many international competitions since 1976. presently in the absence of Sensei Varasteh, his students Sensei Mohammed Arinkhu (Black Belt 7th Dan) and Sensei Jamshid Salimi (Black Belt 8th Dan) are leading Iranian Kan-Zen-Ryu Karate team to still greater sucesses in International levels.

All India Kan-Zen-Ryu Karate-do association was established as a branch of Iranian Kan-Zen-Ryu, by Sensei Nasser Agh in January 1985. Since then the membership of association has grown from four to above 1000, and through achievements of its membership III stages and All India level Competitions now Kan-Zen-Ryu has become a strong and well known style all over India. Since 1986 members of our Association have won manyu prizes in All India Level and International Karate Championship.

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